Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹
I'm Charles-Axel

Nice of you to drop by!

Let me introduce myself โ€” I'm a senior software engineer, a UX designer, and a founder of three different startups. I navigate the space between code, design and business.

I'm currently the CTO of Tappable, a SaaS product that makes creating Web Stories a breeze. Check out these Stories made with Tappable.

I'm experienced in the Entertainment, FinTech and Telecom industries, having previously worked in those fields.

When I'm not coding or designing products, I educate myself in other fields. Issues like mobility, the energy transition and social justice keep me thinking and acting. Follow me on Mastodon to learn more.

Apart from that, I enjoy riding my ebike, playing board games and cooking spicy food for my friends.

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