Charles-Axel Pauwels

Founder & CTO, navigating the space between code, design and business.

鉁夛笍[email protected]馃搷Brussels, Belgium
馃敆charles-axel.com馃摫+32 483 34 02 33


My professional experience is split between 6 years as a founder & CTO of three companies, and working on designing and prototyping TV experiences at a design agency.

BetunedCTO2022鈥損resent 路 Brussels.
As the CTO of Betuned, I am in charge of rebuilding their WordPress website using Nuxt 3, Tailwind and Sanity to improve its performance and make it easier to update.
TappableFounder & CTO2019鈥損resent 路 Brussels
As CTO, I developed a B2B SaaS product that enables creating and hosting Web Stories. The front-end is built with Vue 3, the back-end uses Google Cloud Run and Cloudflare Workers. Our hosting infrastructure delivered over 15 million Stories, with no downtime. I managed two junior software developers, including one remotely.
BoostFounder & CTO2018鈥2019 路 Brussels, Nairobi
For Boost, I developed the backend for a mobile data plans comparison and reviews chatbot available on Facebook Messenger. I also integrated Kenyan mobile networks and mobile money APIs to allow customers to purchase airtime credits.
OverviewFounder & CTO2016鈥2018 路 Brussels, Nairobi
Overview was the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey. I developed an Android app that parsed Kenyan mobile money SMS messages to visualize transactions and help budget finances. I built and launched a v1 with Java, and a v2 with Kotlin. Machine learning was used to try to create predictive budgeting models.
EdenspiekermannDesign Lead on Red Bull TV2014鈥2016 路 Berlin, Los Angeles
I led the Red Bull TV project for the design agency Edenspiekermann. With my team of 10+ people, a comprehensive design system was created, ensuring consistency across platforms. Prototyping played a huge part in getting the feel for the TV apps just right, leading to winning the Google Play Award for best TV experience in 2017.


As a technical founder, my skills are extremely broad, but focus on delivering digital products and experiences as efficiently as possible, without compromising on quality. My speciality lies in Jamstack serverless applications.

FrontendJavascript Vue Vite Nuxt Tailwind
BackendNode Cloudflare Workers Firebase Functions Google Cloud Run
DatabaseFirestore Durable Objects KV Store
MobileAndroid (Java) Android (Kotlin) iOS (Swift)
DesignPrototyping Design systems Figma Sketch App design TV design
LanguagesEnglish French Dutch


TU聽DelftIndustrial Design & Engineering2010鈥2013 路 Delft
Bachelor of Science with Distinction.
TU聽DelftAerospace Engineering2008鈥2010 路 Delft

Personal interests

Educating myself on issues like mobility, the energy transition and social justice keep me thinking and acting. During the pandemic I taught refugees to code at Hack Your Future.

I also enjoy riding my ebike, playing board games and cooking spicy food for my friends.

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